Alkaline Trio: Damnesia

Alkaline Trio

Marking their 15 year as a band, Alkaline Trio releases Damnesia. The album consists of a cult fan favorite track listing of songs from Alkaline Trio’s previous releases.  Each track is presented a bit differently, arranged to give fans a new and appealing way to enjoy their music.   Whether your favorite album was Goddamnit or This Addiction, there is a bit everything for all Alkaline Trio fans to enjoy.  Damnesia succeeds in giving all fans a treat and a glimpse into the bands past as well new unique way to enjoy their music.

“Clavicle” and “Nose Over Tail” are acoustic and accompanied with soft percussion.  They both are played with energy and emotion just as they were first recorded in 1998.  The authenticity behind these songs is a wonderful treat for the long devoted fan.  “Private Eye” and “This Could Be Love” are reinvented on Damnesia.  They are slowed down and performed with a different method than their original versions. “The American Scream”, recently released in 2010 on This Addiction, can arguably be considered better than its original version.  The songs serious lyrical tone seems to travel further on Damnesia when compared to its initial form.  Finally, the album includes a cover of the Violent Femmes “I Held Her In My Arms” and two brand new unreleased tracks “Olde English 800” and “I Remember A Rooftop”. The fact that each song on this record is in their own way special and incomparable is notable and a huge achievement for the band.

Overall, Damnesia is a success. Between Matt Skiba and Dan Adriano the lyrics and vocals shine.  Its raw emotion, its production, its style, its purpose are all in a line.  It is not far off to say they made some happy fans happier while marking a huge milestone in their careers.