Alice Wallace: Memories, Music & Pride

AliceWallace-MemoriesAlice Wallace
Memories, Music & Pride
(California Country)

Alice Wallace may call California home, but she is a country girl at heart. The singer with the enticing voice full of melody creates music which is fitted more for classic country rather than the new pop country littering up the airwaves these days.

Sure, you can find elements of blues and folk on Wallace’s third release, ‘Memories, Music & Pride,’ but she blends those genres into her classic country canon. There is plenty of lap steel sliding around these songs to make you want to go down to Gilley’s and have a cold one from the bar’s namesake circa 1982 while watching people ride the mechanical bull. Wallace and her music would feel more comfortable at an old honky-tonk with sawdust on the floor and the smell of stale beer in the air as her powerful voice captures the audience.

If you like the grittiness of Lucinda Williams and the sweetness of Linda Ronstadt, then you will enjoy the 11 tracks on Alice Wallace’s ‘Memories, Music & Pride.’

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