Alice Bag & The Sissybears “XX” Single on Bandcamp, Proceeds Benefit Transgender Law Center

Alice Bag & the Sissybears have a new 7″ on the way in this fall, but they’ll be making the 2-song single available digitally today on Bandcamp for the duration of the site’s fundraiser for the Transgender Law Center. The single is officially out on October 10th and physical pre-orders will be available soon.

100% of the profits from the sale will be donated to the Transgender Law Center.

Purchase Alice Bag & the Sissybears “Reign of Fear” 7″ on Bandcamp

Below, find the lyrics to the song “XX,” which was written by Bag, drummer Candace Hansen, and guitarist Fiona Ngo.


Exit this time
This is where you get off!

What gives you the right
To come meddle in my life
Trying to monitor what you see
Isn’t it excessive, reductive, aggressive
To try to control me
Don’t do it

Exit this time
This is where you get off!

Some like to dispute it
The spectrum is fluid
That goes for you and me
You don’t have to choose it
We just have to loosen
The ties are too binding

I’ve got more facets than a diamond, Yes, I shine brighter
Colors more vivid than your set of neon highlighters
We construct our own realities
Revel in the in between

exit this time
This is where you get off

I won’t be defined by the
old world conventions
Outdated, binary
Rather be accessing
ungendered dimensions
Embrace Androgyny
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