AK-Momo: Return To N.Y.

Return To N.Y.
(Hidden Agenda/Parasol)

This eclectic duo has released an 11-track gem that caters to fans of Bjork and Portishead. AK-Mono provides a nice mix of indie pop with electronica for a seamless recording.

AK-Momo features two Swedes, AK von Malmborg on vocals and keys with Mattis Olsson, who is a mutli-instrumentalist and producer. They have brought in classic electronic sound with such instruments as the Mellotron, Optigan and Orchestran. AK-Mono orchestrates a wide variety of devices from this genre to form a frail, graceful, ambient sound.

Add in the worldly Kate Bush-esque vocals of AK von Malmborg and the combination of music and words melt together as one. From the opening track of “Greasy Spoon” on through the cycle to the majestic “Your Mother’s Faith” and “Cold War of Hearts,” Return to N.Y. is undeniably a great pop record for many fans to embrace.

The album was originally released overseas last year, but thanks to Hidden Agenda, we American fans get to hear this diamond in the rough.