Adem: Homesongs


Homesongs was originally released in the UK until Domino US got a hold of it and put the album out for the indie music community this past summer. Adem Ilham and Kieran Hebden have been making music since they were lads under the name Fridge. Fridge went on hiatus, but Iham and Hebden didn’t. Adem (the band) came together when the two started recording like many other musicians these days – in their bedroom. Once Adem Iham developed his vocal skills the band took shape and Homesongs was born. Like Iron and Wine (Sub Pop), Adem is well crafted introspective true recording. For a lack of a better category, you could call Adem’s sound classic folk. But what sets their sound apart from the other million bedroom recorders is their ability to add in spastic, but fitting, noises and electronics. Of course with any self-proclaiming lyrics you tend to deal with the somber emotions of the songwriter and Adem is no different there. But the entire CD of Homesongs is not all depression, there are tracks that are filled with catchy hooks that stick in your head. There are also upbeat tempos and positive metaphors throughout the lyrics. Adem has crafted a 10-track disc that can be caring and comforting at some points and able to put a bounce in your step the other times.