Action Action: Don’t Cut Your Fabric to this Year’s Fashion

Action Action
Don’t Cut Your Fabric to this Year’s Fashion

At first listen, I had an urge to cover my lips in deep red lipstick and kiss picture frames of my ex-boyfriends. The lead singer of Action Action, Mark Thomas Kluepfel, sounds like Robert Smith of The Cure. His voice is whiny as he sings songs like “The Short Week Begins with Longing” and “Eighth Grade Summer Romance.” The titles of these songs alone are enough to detour me not listen to this album. But I did. Most of the songs revolve around the torment of love, worlds falling apart, feeling the need to slit your throat. These lyrics are dreadful. This is what happens when former members of indie rock bands like The Reunion Show and Count the Stars want to explore their “darker” side. “Basic Tiny Fragments” starts out with a poetic statement of self-discovery, “I remember my most Zen moment,” which doesn’t work well here. There is also artistic expression of sorrow with the words “Pain covered clouds.” It feels like listening to a teenage Goth girl discovering the melodrama of being melodramatic. The only thing that could save this album from being completely appalling is the music. But alas, salvation was not in store for Action Action. The guitar riffs are very simple, and I can’t appreciate the synthesized orchestra and organs that are heard in most of the songs.