Absolutely Not: ‘Errors’ (No Trend)

Absolutely Not
(No Trend)

At a time when employment experts worry that AI-powered technology and modern robots will start taking over manufacturing jobs, maybe the musicians should have the same fear about the music industry. Absolutely Not, an electronic, punkish trio from Chicago, are not in fact robots, but their music sounds about as close as you can get to a hybrid of technology and early 20-something angst.

On ‘Errors,’ the band’s full length-debut (they also have a few EPs to their credit), Absolutely Not tear through 10 songs in just over 20 minutes, a frantic, frenetic collage of loud synth, louder drums and jerky, distorted guitar. Donnie Moore’s lyrics are secondary to the music, often drown out from songs to song. “A Dark Bridge” is the only instrumental on the record, but on many of the songs the vocals are mixed so far down that you can’t actually hear the words.

The effect is interesting, if not exactly original; like a cross between Iggy & the Stooges and Gang of Four (but those bands brought more to the table). On ‘Errors,’ each song segues into the next with little to distinguish it from the previous one. As a result, the album gets stale after a while, even if it is only 20 minutes long.