A Gun Called Tension: Self-Titled

A Gun Called Tension
(Cold Crush)

If under the most unlikely of situations, sound-swaggering Tricky ever hooked up with the sonic guitar-driven force of The Raveonettes and went back in time using an ’80s synthesizer and drum machine, the sound would be similar to the tracks “Gold Fronts” and “Document.” “Treason” skirts the border of pre-new wave punk. The self-titled venture of A Gun Called Tension blends genres in an interesting way. It would be pretty innovative if The Gorillaz hadn’t done it first, and better than that, featuring the likes of Kid Koala and Dan the Automator. Even without the star power of The Gorillaz, A Gun Called Tension holds its own in the neo-new wave ’80s throwback that seems to be dominating the music scene these days. AGCT seems to concentrate more on sounding cool than saying anything in particular, making it no small wonder that their lyrics are not included in their liner notes despite having a song titled “Lyrics.” After a while, the listener stops paying attention to the lyrics and just gets into the schizophrenic beats on songs like “Foundation” or chills out to the subdued vocals in “Electric Chair.” Overall, AGCT seems to fall short of the sum of its parts.