69 Eyes: Back In Blood

69 Eyes
Back In Blood
(The End)

Back in Blood by the 69 Eyes is something of a triumph of metal music. The 69 Eyes combine the requisite distorted power chords, night and death imagery, and hyperactive drumbeats with haunting choruses and melody into an opera of the night. This album spans the spectrum from hard metal like “Back in Blood” to songs like “Eternal,” an acoustic piano fadeout to the album.

The 69 Eyes risk cliché in their subject matter: “We Own the Night,” “Dead Girls Are Easy,” “Some Kind of Magick,” but are able to straddle that line without actually crossing it. They seem to take on a vampiric persona in their lyrics. Compared to these vampires, most metal are simply zombie hordes; stronger in some ways, but lacking in intelligence and a certain amount of grace.

In addition to their lyrics, the 69 Eyes are very proficient in their instruments. Guitars rely on distorted power chords for the majority, but are able to show off their chops where appropriate. Bass provides the background without overpowering or disappearing entirely. Drums are present in everything, working alongside the vocals and guitars, playing a strong team role. The vocals clearly possess a great deal of skill, while remaining in their idiom of the low, raspy, metal singer.