The Dollyrots: Whiplash Splash (Arrested Youth)

The Dollyrots
Whiplash Splash
(Arrested Youth)

A couple weeks ago, one of the best releases of 2017 came out with the Dollyrots’ sixth studio album ‘Whiplash Splash.’

While throttling her Gibson Thunderbird bass, Kelly Ogden’s voice ranges from sugary sweet, child-like innocence, bad ass rock chick and sultry sexy babe. Meanwhile, Luis Cabezas’ guitar playing has evolved from crunchy punk rock to surf-inspired tones, elegant arpeggios and diabolical chord progressions.

Highlight tracks include the sun soaked “Mermaid,” which feels like you are riding a wave with its smooth verses until the chorus comes in crashing down. Ogden’s humor reigns supreme on following track “Just Because I’m Blonde,” where she’s not afraid to poke fun of herself. “This Addiction” takes you back to the beach with its sparkling synths and heavy breakdown; “Give a quick twirl on the rip curl” is one of the best lines on the album. On “City of Angels” Cabezas plays some of his best guitar in this heavy headbanger of a rocker and Ogden’s rapid-fire lyrics on “Dance Like a Maniac” is sheer perfection. Then you find the growth in the Dollyrots on “Whiplash Splash” with the 1980s-inspired synth ballad “Jump Start This Heart.” Don’t sell yourself short, this “experimentation” for the band fits perfectly in the Dollyrots repertoire.

Overflowing with their signature high energy, fun loving punk pop, the Dollyrots deliver insanely infectious hooks on ‘Whiplash Splash’ and venture outside of their comfort zone with a few unheard sounds in their previous material. Following Ogden and Cabezas since their early days, it has been a fun ride watching this talented duo grow to where they are on this masterpiece.