50 Foot Wave: With Love from the Men’s Room

50 Foot Wave
With Love from the Men’s Room
(Throwing Music)

That’s the first term which came to mind on several spins of the new 50 Foot Wave EP With Love from the Men’s Room.

The five-song EP leads off with “Free Fall,” a song which is full with sonically charged rhythms and classic Kristin Hersh (vocals, guitar) lyrics. And let it be known, with the abrupt time changes, Hersh is not only one of the best songwriters out there, but one of the best guitar players. “Free Fall” is one of the best songs in her expansive catalog.

“Free Fall” is the perfect lead-off track for With Love from the Men’s Room, because all the songs are spiraling. It’s like Hersh is at the wheel of a car driving up the Pacific Coast Highway out of control, and just when you think she has lost control she pulls it back on the road. I love that about her music.

The second track, “Gray,” follows the premise with fast, syncopated drums, guitar, and bass, which sound like they are heading off into a big, loud tangent, but they find a spot in the song, slow it down to reel you back in.

“Nobody’s Tar, Nobody’s Feathers” (one of the better song titles I’ve seen lately) is a rumbling number thanks in part to the powerful drumming and spacey breakdowns. The closing track, “Radiant Addict,” just screams warm sunshine on your skin with a dose of soul cleansing.

At five short bursts, 50 Foot Wave’s With Love from the Men’s Room leaves you wanting more, but what it gives you is more than you could hope for in a handful of songs.