Poster Children West Coast Tour Report #2: San Francisco To Portland

Rose Marshack's Truck Stop Score

Rose Marshack’s Truck Stop Score

Photos and words by Rose Marshack

Earlier this year Poster Children’s announced that they were going on tour for the first time in 10 years in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their third album ‘Daisychain Reaction,’ and with that a vinyl reissue with Lotuspool Records.

After a blistering warm up gig at the 2016 Pygmalion Festival in Champaign, ill back in August and a successful East Coast run where Poster Children played Brooklyn, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Boston, Rick Valentin (guitar, vocals); Rose Marshack (bass, vocals); Jim Valentin (guitar); and Matt Friscia (drums) headed West for the second leg of their tour.

Innocent Words has teamed up with the Poster Children and bassist Rose Marshack, who will be blogging from the tour about the journey, the shows and all the interesting things which come there way.

10/13/16 – Leaving LA

We are driving up the beautiful I5 north to San Francisco. The show last night was full of old friends, people I knew from high school, our first manager ML and Skip, tons of friends from the internet, and the people I grew up next to, who also happen to be Alex Borstein’s parents; they helped sell t-shirts last night! It’s our policy to be as available to people as possible but that sometimes means hours of awkward conversations in a very loud room! I’m not the best conversationalist, and a lot of times I feel like conserving energy before we get on stage. You can usually always find us at the merch table though, before and after the show. We are always available to people after the show!

The stage was deep and boomy, it was very hard to tell what was going on while we played. We are also rusty from not performing for a week, so some of us messed up some of our parts. I think the energy came across though. The stage was also very slippery, so I was being kind of careful that I didn’t slip and fall again!


That Bottom of the Hill show was just as incredible as I figured it would be. We played here so many times, but there are holes in my memory about different parts of the club! I’m not sure why; I could recall all of CBGBs, I could recall all of Khyber Pass, many other clubs, but for this club, I couldn’t remember what the outside looked like, or the walls.

We learn that memory is loosely tied together; is full of holes and we fill in the holes depending on our current experience and mental state. We learned this in tae kwon do class; to increase someone’s self-confidence is to create a happier memory of their life for them.

There was a huge amount of Champaign people at this show. The entire place was filled with people who either were from Champaign or wished they were.

I had a wonderful conversation with Skip, one of the Bad Flannel (inspirational band from our beginning days in Champaign) crowd. It went like this:

Skip: Fuck Trump! (displays middle finger)
Me: Yes, Fuck Trump! (thumbs up)
Me: Definitely, FUCK him!
Skip: Trump should be fucked!
Me: I am in total agreement of his fucking!

This went on for about 10 minutes while both of us attempted to keep our cools, but still wanted to honor our anger and dismay at the Republican nominee.

Me: We built Champaign, Skip. Look at this! We built it! Now we took it to other places!

Andy Switzky was there, Rick’s and my housemate for a million years, founder of the band Hum. Mike Morasky was there, whose band Steel Pole Bath Tub took us on tour with them in Europe. Bob Donlon was there and took us on a tour of Adobe before our show, and showed us a street where people have set up tents and are living in them.

Conan Neutron and his Secret Friends were fantastic, great repeated riffs, the type of music that I really like. Incredible stage show. Interesting to watch it standing next to Mike from Steel Pole Bath Tub, who is also an inspirational performer.

People keep thanking us for coming to play in their towns.

Afterwards we packed ourselves up and started driving. There is a 10-hour drive to Portland, so we are overnighting it. I woke up to Jim driving through the mountains through a rainstorm. Then a 24-hour Wendy’s. Then coniferous forest. Then Mt. Shasta.

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Poster Children Tour Dates

10/14/2016 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
10/15/2016 Seattle, WA Barboza
10/16/2016 Vancouver, BC The Cobalt
11/19/2016 Cincinnati, OH Woodward Theater
11/20/2016 Columbus, OH Big Room Bar
11/23/2016 Chicago, IL Schuba’s (6:30 PM)
11/23/2016 Chicago, IL Schuba’s (9:30 PM)


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